Use this page if Stick Veterans cannot download maps on your system (although it should work fine if it's not blocked by firewalls).
Manually download maps below and put them in a 'maps' folder inside your game directory, or in the game storage directory:

Castle.ssm by Stick Veterans
Factory-5.ssm by Stick Veterans
Fountain.ssm by Stick Veterans
FreeForm.ssm by Stick Veterans
Sanctuary.ssm by Stick Veterans
Traffic Jam.ssm by Stick Veterans
ZigZag.ssm by Stick Veterans
Fatality Zone.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Fire In The Hole.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Fraghouse.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Habitat.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
King Of The Hill.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Sniping Grounds.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Race To The Bunker.ssm by PepeMerchant
2Fort.ssm by PepeMerchant
BlushyFunskull.ssm2d by JuniorFox
Shotgun Running.ssm by D4TB01
Paratroopers.ssm2d by Lolslayer
BME.ssm by Drew Carpenter
Jetpack.ssm by Fimau
Centralized.ssm by MiloBrown
Assault.ssm2d by Max
The War on Color 2D.ssm2d by Max
War Zone.ssm by Max
The Maze.ssm2d by Max
The War on Color.ssm by Max
Assault on Red.ssm2d by Max
NINJA.ssm by Julius
Walls Field.ssm by ninjabttns2
Skyfall.ssm2d by XXMERDEVINEXX
lets jump.ssm by Timothy
Roofwalking.ssm by Stick Veterans
Battle For Heaven Island.ssm by MjstKeo
Mp5 war.ssm by nojesus
Cityscape.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
The City.ssm by The destroyer
Warsaw.ssm by michael
wonder pig.ssm by estere
Dont Fall.ssm by SUPER_DALOCH
deathmatchmap.ver2.ssm by KryzyKreel
Longshot.ssm by Leonel
NOVA 3V1.ssm by TheXDGamer998
Intense Defense.ssm by Max
jumpy.ssm by Ethan Wong
Attack_V3.ssm by HALcaster
labyrinth.ssm by kk
RANDOM.ssm by Ryan
Gun Factory.ssm by Nickysniper
Just Jump.ssm2d by Slasher
goodDDAY v1.ssm by bary
goodDDAY v2.ssm by bary
RPG Air.ssm by Toast Hatter
Cave of Flames.ssm2d by Calvin
Temple.ssm by JD_Plays
M4 Only.ssm by Panikan123
Kill feast.ssm by TCM
Paliside.ssm by J. Liu
ADBD.ssm by ADBD264
Training.ssm2d by Player1
lotsofweapons.ssm by KRAAPZ
Badger Town.ssm by HuffleRuff
Floats.ssm by ALIONIM
infiniciti.ssm by 50nicru54
equisde1.0.ssm by Benja117
Cluster Death.ssm by MOWS
Anthill Collision.ssm by Stick Veterans
Ship.ssm2d by Stick Veterans
Hackshaw ridge.ssm by Liam
Flying Big.ssm2d by Aune
byte size.ssm by 50nicru54
BEIJING.ssm by 50nicru54
Ace Towers.ssm by Ace_of_Sp4des
Jazgon.ssm by 50nicru54
GENYLETSTRY.ssm by 50nicru54
CITTY.ssm by the_oldschool_ga
city siege.ssm by cool maps man
Team Gun House.ssm by Temporal
Equally Divided.ssm2d by Hanzla Ahmed
Overwatch NEPAL.ssm by Masatoy
prison architect.ssm2d by karollo1324
Cloud Jump.ssm2d by Caden
2028-World War 3.ssm2d by Caden
Red V Blue.ssm by Ethanbatman3d
excavation.ssm2d by crazychiken09
SuperFoxy.ssm by by superfoxy run
LongLine.ssm by 50nicru54
City War.ssm by KingDudeBro
Cuidado555.ssm by 50nicru54
Surrounded Challenge.ssm by KingDudeBro
fallingKrakz.ssm by 50nicru54
TOL.ssm by 50nicru54
HIGHER_GROUND.ssm by 50nicru54
RALEIGH.ssm by 50nicru54
fuild.ssm by 50nicru54
MURICA.ssm by 50nicru54
ASBESTOS_PLZ.ssm by 50nicru54
rings.ssm by 50nicru54
howl.ssm by 50nicru54
daff.ssm by 50nicru54
eigentwo.ssm by 50nicru54
MODO.ssm by 50nicru54
FLAME.ssm by 50nicru54
KANGAROOCOURT.ssm by 50nicru54
FALLAGAIN.ssm by 50nicru54
STIXANDSTONES.ssm by 50nicru54
Spaceship carrier.ssm2d by Szczoteczka22
2d dday.ssm2d by Lolslayer
StratoFall.ssm by Lolslayer
SiciekWars.ssm2d by Siciek
Huge jetpack battle.ssm2d by Jippikayjei
Bank Robbery.ssm by ikrowca
Boundaries.ssm by El0o0o00o0o0o0o0
Hills battle.ssm by Kzezus
Cityscape.ssm by Bobcob
City Street.ssm by Luz
Parachute assault on red base.ssm2d by MrDestroyerPL
BlueHawks2DMap.ssm2d by BlueHawk
TM Moba Map.ssm by System
Mini Map.ssm by System
Simple Map.ssm by System
Outposts.ssm by Stick Veterans
Alchemy.ssm by Hey
UpCLoseAndPersonal.ssm by Ludvig
Bridges.ssm by Indominus
NukeTown COD.ssm by Indominus
pps.log.big_.ssm2d by Michał
edge.ssm by 50nicru54
aztec.ssm by Retro Bro
AAA.dropper.ssm by fong...
D-Day [Color].ssm by Jungbay Chanel
Cartel Assault.ssm by Stick Veterans
Earths Map.ssm by Earth
Terrorist vs Police Forces.ssm2d by Berkant
Rocky and Risky.ssm by Aaron Orr
crossroads.ssm by CovfefeCat
Bam.ssm by Bam
Small 1v1 or Small Teams.ssm by mace
wooden house base.ssm by GamerX69
Police Raid.ssm by Mlgwow123
Trench War.ssm2d by Mlgwow123
Pirates.ssm by Luz
Bad Housing Market.ssm by Nick Vlahos
Gaiants_causeway.ssm by 50nicru54
FlyAway.ssm by Nick Vlahos
King of the hill 2.ssm by Benny20400
CastleColour.ssm by Connor Waring
HONNJOU_ACADEMY.ssm by 50nicru54
ShipWars.ssm2d by Luka8TheBoss
Tower Ochrana Defense.ssm2d by Jozef
Military.ssm by Stick Veterans
Maze War 2.ssm by MonkeyBURON
ty.ssm2d by Ricketygeck0597
Payday 3.ssm2d by Berkant
Island.ssm by Jack Sluis
Flying Madness.ssm by GentleCat
Underground City.ssm2d by GentleCat
Base war.ssm by AvalancheG
2D Battlegrounds.ssm2d by sharkbiteharry
Murder.ssm2d by FuriousFlame099
the epic war.ssm2d by brendan
World War Z.ssm2d by Daniel Negrete
Semi_Serious.ssm by B. Egan
The Leak.ssm2d by Apple
ctf_sandstone.ssm by EfeDursun125
CT vs T capture the flag.ssm by MasterGamingYT
plateau.ssm by nehan/pro
tennis.ssm by noobsforsale101
mini big battle.ssm by pasABONA
Battle in Ruins.ssm by Wolfie
Beach Assault (CTF).ssm by Corpral Jeff
HIDE AND SEEK.ssm by Darnbrook
map mortal.ssm2d by mastertronics
the house.ssm2d by mastertronic
Best Airdrop Base Attack.ssm2d by Darnbrook
ww2 battle.ssm by michael
sonicfans vs mariofans.ssm2d by kirby12lol
Range.ssm by Max Frey
Fort war.ssm by Soldier Noob
Block City.ssm by Paul
Village Warfare.ssm by Soldier Noob
Large Maze.ssm2d by HisIsHer
KILL HITLER(best nazis base).ssm2d by Darnbrook
Stick Fight Classic Map.ssm2d by Magnus the First
Fountain [Color].ssm by EDDY 02
High Blocks.ssm by DORIAN
grates.ssm by bigboi
War-ridden village.ssm by bigboi
Platforms.ssm by bigboi
LargeCity.ssm by IDEK
Fight alongside mario!.ssm by bigboi
BigRock.ssm by bigboi
City Roads.ssm by bigboi
Two Sider.ssm2d by ACommonMorning
SnipersVsRunners.ssm by MatMatMati
pines.ssm2d by the big test
BluevsRed Mayhem(2D).ssm2d by PANCAKE
Factory-5 [Color].ssm by LuisFactory5Colo
Omaha beach.ssm2d by Spotter
House.ssm by mr_dark2004
wtf george.ssm2d by marko
PUBGRelatedisland.ssm by MasterGamingYT
Catacombs.ssm2d by iFaazee
Neighbours.ssm2d by Konner
Arsenal.ssm by Targa
Last Wars.ssm by slayer
Dimension3333.ssm2d by qqwe22
Battleground.ssm2d by Jed Vian
unganda.ssm2d by N GOD
Dead Bridge [Revamped].ssm by Stick Veterans
BarbedWire.ssm by BigBoi
destroy everything!!!.ssm by pango47
infinite war.ssm2d by la hanburguesa
Colour flags [reload].ssm by Da general
14-18 War.ssm2d by Yafe38
battle grounds.ssm2d by sonicboys67
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.ssm by jim
Field of Valor.ssm2d by truth67_YT
Boot Camp.ssm by Diegox167
Mountains.ssm2d by Lethal Soap
Bugs Map.ssm by gogu
Scattered.ssm2d by Mathiou2888
PUBG 2D - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
Sector Z - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
Rainbow Six - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
Overworld Vs Nether.ssm2d by VirusT
lalelliklo.ssm2d by MaxiStudios
WWII - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
college.ssm by riyad the hacker
floatation device.ssm by julian boi
2d Blocky.ssm2d by WakyEden
The Forgotten City.ssm by Koopicoolest
TinyBG.ssm2d by Victor Mendoza(V
killhouse.ssm by tuptastic
SiciekTeamWars.ssm2d by Siciek
Fear Dust.ssm2d by Snikzz
Snoozy Wars.ssm by FLYNN O'BRIEN
city1.ssm by ec2008
Chaos.ssm by Jay and Vinc
CITY_2.ssm by ec2008
Stonebuilt.ssm by John
B-S pit.ssm by B-Simon
2 Imperios.ssm by Jabian
SUICIDEv0.1.ssm2d by VideojuegosNahu-
Bridge capture Mayhem.ssm by Anderson
Air Castle Defense.ssm2d by AUDIBIX
Ultrafastandfurioso.ssm2d by Bernardo Gnazzo
TwoForts.ssm2d by SystemDC
Battle [large].ssm by Someone
SkyLand.ssm by DarkAitor
Choke Points.ssm by ACommonMorning
Boat Assault.ssm by Blueelraptor123
M.U.S.U.ssm2d by Caostic
M.u.S.u Remake.ssm2d by ByChaoS!
Desert Arena.ssm2d by ByChaoS!
Triple Tsunami.ssm2d by ByChaoS!
The Forest.ssm2d by ByChaoS!
Assaults Vs Defenders.ssm2d by ByChaoS!
Alien_OBJ.ssm by MrSkeletal
Hullabaloo.ssm2d by Diap
Mountain Battle.ssm by MrSkeletal
Buffoonery.ssm2d by Diap
Tale of Four Houses.ssm by MrSkeletal
Red vs Blue.ssm2d by Diap
Super Mario Bros.ssm2d by Diap
Dropzone.ssm2d by CreativeLuciferG
Naval Battle.ssm2d by Diap
Team Battle.ssm by Uffue
Battle in the Ship.ssm2d by Diap
Train Station.ssm by Kostas Ventouras
Suspension Bridge.ssm by gamerx69
Street Fight.ssm by KrafcikPL
Buildings.ssm2d by Piratax10
mci_fork.ssm2d by Jozef
Canyon.ssm by Izaak L
Tower Central 1.0.ssm by EatMyNuggiezz
monotone.ssm by the mega gamerYT
Rail Road Chaos.ssm by CoolBoyMaker25
broken world.ssm by flamefury78
Warehouse Shootout.ssm2d by cheekibreeki
theDividingLine.ssm by i34934
Handful of Assault.ssm2d by cheekibreeki
nate game.ssm by nate
Allout.ssm by cheekibreeki
pagoda.ssm by i34934
inBetween.ssm by i34934
aursNauticus.ssm by i34934
hive+Vhla.ssm by i34934
killBox.ssm by i34934
chute.ssm by i34934
industry_2.ssm by Wolfie
Marines.ssm by Wolfie
modular.ssm by i34934
trixy.ssm by i34934
COBRA-Z.ssm by i34934
QED.ssm by i34934
theDrejj.ssm by i34934
ArkiJogurti.ssm by i34934
Ztwelve.ssm by i34934
Rough Terrain.ssm2d by ItsKatsuroYT
battleCubeX.ssm by i34934
Grand Canyon.ssm by TripLea
fortnite.ssm2d by ItsKatsuroYT
blauPunktJa.ssm by i34934
StarWorldIII.ssm by i34934
2Fort.ssm2d by IzzanIzzan
VictreeBell.ssm by i34934
FortBox.ssm by i34934
islanduno.ssm2d by boi
starfoxship.ssm2d by boi
TriAgain.ssm by i34934
xxyy.ssm by i34934
The Ranch.ssm by i34934
Depth.ssm by i34934
TreebL1NDOrange.ssm by i34934
figNeuton.ssm by i34934
tesselate.ssm by i34934
spherion11.ssm by i34934
building.ssm2d by joffrey-lou ging
Citywar.ssm by Dulya14
algae1.ssm by i34934
TrinityCollegeDublinQuad.ssm by i34934
Bases Built on eachother.ssm by DORIAN
Under Ground City.ssm2d by DORIAN
mount.ssm by a guy who maps
Mina Abandonada - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
Barco Carguero - VirusT.ssm2d by VirusT
Fortnite Drop.ssm by truth67_YT
StickFortress_Bridges.ssm by Team Fortress Kn
Flashy Dansy - VirusT.ssm by VirusT
Campo de guerra valle neutro_2.ssm2d by Abelardo
Campo de guerra ataque al rojo.ssm2d by Abelardo
Open Field Battle _w Castle.ssm by KingDudeBro
Devastated Bridge.ssm by 1Rv1nG
TieFightersX.ssm by i34934
NamekZ.ssm by i34934
WavahFlavah.ssm by i34934
FlavaRise.ssm by i34934
Blue Mudkips.ssm by i34934
Scrabble.ssm by i34934
pond.ssm by i34934
fieldofplay.ssm by i34934
RecursiveTrax3.ssm by i34934
weave.ssm by i34934
IntelInside.ssm by i34934
IntelInside2.ssm by i34934
7ree5V2.ssm by i34934
Grille.ssm by i34934
Protoglyph.ssm by i34934
revolt.ssm by Jeff
City_3.ssm by 1Rv1nG
parkour_2.ssm by Jeff
arianrhod.ssm by i34934
Territorial.ssm2d by Lucaskiller443
boulder.ssm by i34934
smoke5ignals.ssm by i34934
Maya.ssm by i34934
Maya4.ssm by i34934
leDunes.ssm by i34934
simple hill2.ssm by i34934
chrysanthemum.ssm by i34934
omaha beach again.ssm2d by kirbyisnotapokem
Total Chaos Map.ssm by Ximen Martinez
jangel war.ssm2d by j....
war in island.ssm2d by j....
milad tower.ssm2d by j....
u in u.ssm2d by j....
3dj.ssm2d by j....
j.ssm2d by j....
all guns.ssm2d by j....
aqoserav7.ssm by THEA17
AirHocky.ssm2d by Guide Missile
carnage.ssm2d by zerdix
chaos total.ssm2d by patata754
Tightener.ssm2d by boi
Lost_City.ssm by la city
D-Day Landing.ssm2d by masterman123
assault on red fort.ssm2d by masterman123
Sea Fortress.ssm2d by masterman123
operation blue city.ssm2d by masterman123
battle for blue bridge.ssm2d by masterman123
armageddon.ssm by leo
somewhere in nevada.ssm2d by Zoe
Blue vs red battles.ssm2d by Juanpa_Rojas
CoRrUptEd WorLd.ssm by Agus
Stick War.ssm2d by MMAX
Mini-Ground.ssm by A0y-Works